What is Tech Tiles?

Tech Tiles are visual aids for learning flowers and other prop-spinning geometry.

Flowers are a type of movement with props where the prop rotates around the hand while the hand rotates around the shoulder.

Flowers are very effective for performance because they create pleasing geometry that's accented by spinning fire or glow toys.

The knowledge of Tech Tiles reaches into poi, clubs (or torches), double-staff, mini-hoops, fans, and iso-sticks.

There's a bunch of ways to do flowers with one hand and one prop... so what happens when we have two hands and two props? That's Tech Tiles.

The application of the knowledge in spinning arts is as fascinating and beautiful as the math behind it.

This website is dedicated to sharing the understanding of that math while showing the beautiful possibilities that stem from it.

Tech Tiles Posters, Booklets, T-Shirts, Hoodies, and the Tech Tiles 3D Pattern Player are works in progress (and on their way!)

Have fun on!